The Company

The idea for accessories was born in 2013. I always adored accessories especially the necklaces and scarves because they add up and give character to our daily outfit. Since I can remember myself I was designing clothes from early years of puberty. I studied Fashion Design in AKTO and very soon I realized how my early draws and school designs could be turned into real clothes. I am a Fashion designer, Merchandiser and Windows Display Decoratrice and along with my husband I own start up.

Dora Vintzilaiou

Where to find me?

Monday-Tuesday-Thursday-Friday 10am–2pm ET
You can locate me in Em-Es Fashion Corners, Ermou 39 & Evangelistrias, Athens,  10563, +3021 0322 2317

Why Accessories?

Working in retail fashion stores, to earn the fees for my studies, I noticed what really impressed women and what they wanted to see in the mirror when looking at their idol.  It was the accessories that always troubled them and their combinations that make them feel unique, charmed and satisfied.

So I began to experiment with yarns, t-shirt stripes and elements to come up with a unique idea on fabric necklaces.

Since 2013 I introduced my creations to Em-Es Corner Shop in Ermou, Athens and four years later I founded – Dora Vintzialiou EE Company as a start up in Fashion and Accessories market. In 2017 I participated in Athens Fashion Trade Show expanding the affiliate stores chain where we offer our company’s products.

Crochet Sandals

In 2018 I also introduced in Athens Fashion Trade Show a unique idea of Crochet Sandals,  limited edition and finished by expert craftsmen in the shoe industry from Greece. Hand braided with cotton yarns, decorated with fabrics the classy Crochet Sandals are the new trend of 2018 Spring Summer season.

SS2018: Spring in three words? Feel the fashion!!!

Fabric Necklaces, Feather Chokers, Caftans and a new line of original Crochet Sandals combined with small stylish Belt Messenger Bags make up the accessories collection for Spring – Summer 2018 we presented this year at the Athens Fashion Show.
Three rows of Caftans: the successful carry over of last summer white fabric embellished with colorful painters, a fresh proposition on a roll up caftan with a four-color bunch and a five-tone polymorphic caftan complement this year stylish propositions of

Handmade, Limited Edition and Made in Greece all accessories offer a unique combination of elegance, style and charm.

Fabric Necklaces and Chokers

Cotton recycled fabric scraps, braided in jewelry designs, decorated with wooden and metallic motifs, ivory and plexiglass elements, feathers and laces define Fabric Necklaces.

Messenger Bags

Along with the Crochet Sandals for this season collection we present Belt Messenger Bags worn by the shoulder or waist as a useful tool to fit in all necessary items.

Caftans introduce three lines of simple, chic and trendy caftans for SS18. They invoke decades of making a statement, all whilst remaining highly comfortable, cool and modest.

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